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Audioventure workshop! (November 15, 5pm)

2 min read

Welcome to the Audioventure workshop! We'll explore audio production, editing, and podcasting. By the end of the workshop, everyone should have a short podcast "episode" posted to this site, as well as have resources at the ready to create a podcast of your own in the future.

Here's our order of events:

  1. Audacity demo
  2. Record or find audio materials
  3. Basic editing in Audacity
  4. Export to mp3
  5. Register for podcast site
  6. Upload episodes
  7. Subscribe to the podcast

And here are some helpful resources:

Here are a couple sample audio episodes to get your creative juices going (both of these are scenes from The Hound of the Baskervilles):

If you want to subscribe to the podcast feed for the Audioventure site, use this URL:

For a sample audio post, see